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Q:This is our first time playing in AYSO or in Pearl City. What do I need to do?
 First you'll need to signup for an account and register your child as a participant.  You will need to bring the player's birth certificate (copy if possible or we can copy it for you) for age verification to the in-person event or upload on the online registration system.  Please note that there are no tryouts. Everyone who registers will get to play.

Q: My child played soccer last year, why can't I find my account?
  Please make sure you are using the correct username and password for your account.  If you need help locating your account, please email the Registrar at [email protected]

Q: My spouse registered my child, how do I log into their account?
A: The Primary Account User can send you an invite to be an Additional User on the account with which your child was registered. To invite an Additional User to your account, click on the gear icon in your account to "Edit Account Info", scroll to bottom of Primary Parent/Guardian Info page and click on the green "Add Secondary Account Holder" button.

Q: I can't log in.
 If your child was previously registered and you have forgotten your username or password, request to reset your password at the login page, or have your username sent to the email address listed in your account. You should not create a second account, since it will not be linked to your child, and you will not be able to view your team page or your child's registration information.

Q: What's happens if I withdraw my child from the season?
A: If you decide that you would like to withdraw your child from the season after registering, please check here for the refund policy then contact [email protected] to make the request. Only written (emailed) requests will be processed.

Q: What form of payments can be used?

A: We highly recommend paying by credit card/debit card for faster processing and easy refunds.  Payments by cash or check take much longer to process and would delay getting your child registered.  If payment by credit card/debit card is not an option for you, please email the registrar at [email protected] to make arrangement for payment. 

Q: I've registered. Now what?

 After the registration period, the AYSO Region 381 Age Group Coordinators (AGC) recruit coaches and forms teams, which will be distributed to the coaches around the end of July for Fall and January for Spring (The earlier we get coaches, the earlier teams can be formed). Until then, sit tight. You should expect to hear from your AGC in July/January and/or from your coach around the beginning to middle of August/February In the meantime, have you considered volunteering? We need all the help we can get! (See next question)

Q: How do I volunteer?
A: Although there are many volunteer roles that need to be filled each season and it takes the work of many to make each soccer season happen, coaches and referees are needed the most. No prior experience is necessary, we provide all the training you will need. Registering to volunteer is a two step process.
1.) Choose your volunteer role when you register your child for the season, or by searching for "Find Volunteer Roles" in the Volunteer tab in your Sports Connect account.
2.) Complete your volunteer registration, esignature, background consent, then complete the Safe Haven Course on (using the same login as your account)

Q: I'm having issues logging on to  What can I do?

A: AYSOU is linked to your Sports Connect account.  Ex. If you are logged into Sports Connect under your account but trying to access aysou for another user, please completely log out of your Sports Connect account, and have that user login to their Sports Connect account instead.  

Q: When are games and practices?

A:Practice time and location is determined by the Age Group and your volunteer coaches, according to their availability.

Age Group 6U and under will only have games on Saturdays - no practices.
Age Group 8U will have 1 practice day (Monday thru Friday) and 1 Game Day (Saturday)
Age Group 10U and up will have 2 practice days (Monday thru Friday) and 1 Game Day (Saturday)

Your coaches will communicate with the team through email. To receive these communications, your email address must be entered correctly in the account used to register your child, as either the Primary Account User or an Additional Account User (see My spouse registered my child, how do I log into their account?).

Q: My child is on a wait list, when will I know if he/she is placed on a team?
A: Placement on a team is not guaranteed, if your child is on a wait list. Age Group Coordinators do the best they can to place as many players from the wait list as possible. We are an all-volunteer run organization and are always looking for more coaches (and referees). You can better your child's chance of being placed on a team by volunteering to coach (see How do I volunteer?). Otherwise, placement off the wait list is on a first-come, first-served basis. Registration for the wait list is free. You will receive an email confirming your child's placement on a team, with instructions to log into your account and pay the registration fee. 

Q: Can my child be placed on the same team as his/her friend?
A: Unfortunately, we cannot pair players on the same team, unless they both have parents volunteering to coach that team together or your children are of the same gender and fall in the same age group.  For 8U and below, players are assigned to teams randomly. From 10U and up, coach ratings from the previous year are used to ensure the teams are relatively balanced in terms of skill. AYSO is committed to balancing teams every season to ensure that every child has a safe and positive experience. 

Q:Can't I play on the same team as Mike? / I want to be on Coach Kim's team again!

 We cannot honor such requests. AYSO guidelines state that the only players that can be assigned to a specific coach are the coach’s own children. If it is important for your child to be on the same team as another child, you may choose to coach or become an assistant coach for the team your child desires to be a part of. Please email the coach administrator for details. However, siblings who play in the same age group will usually be placed on the same team (see question above).

Q: I need to cancel my child's registration. Can I get a refund?
A: Let your child's coach know of your intent to withdraw, and email the Registrar at [email protected]
A child may not participate in AYSO programs once (s)he has been withdrawn unless they re-register for the program.  We do not guarantee team placement if you re-register your child.  Your child may be re-assigned to another team. Coaches are not authorized to allow a withdrawn player to rejoin their teams.

Depending on when you paid, a refund will be credited back to the credit card you used or a check may be sent.

Please click here for the refund policy

Anything else?
Please email the registrar.

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